The investment in mobile advertising was.  In part due to the number of consumers who have. A mobile electronic device. It is estimated that it will increase in part due to the. Number of consumers who have a mobile electronic device. Data from through statista estimate that the investment. In mobile advertising for the year 2018. Exceeds by 64 billion dollars that recorded last year.Vp engineering email lists with which it will reach 114 billion. since 51.3 percent of Internet consumers, surveyed by the National

 To the number of mobile device users especially

To the number of mobile device users especially. Smartphones since only at the end of last year. VP Engineering Email Lists Emarketer and ap accounted for 4.43 billion. And when considering that said number of devices. Will reach 4.93 billion in just two more years. Mobile marketing strategies are becoming more. And more remarkable since they represent. An ideal channel to reach a greater number of consumers. In relation strongview studies indicate which are the. Tactics that have the highest percentage of use. VP Engineering Email Lists Within different companies.

VP Engineering Email Lists

One of these strategies is information based

One of these strategies is information based. On the location of a cell phone which is indicated. By 15 percent of the companies included. In the study as well as an improvement in the positioning. Of the brand within the mobile search engine. Indicated by 30.2 percent. However these are not the most used. As the list is led by email marketing optimization. Indicated by 49 percent of companies subsequently. There is a greater commitment by companies in. Mobile applications indicated by 59.6 percent in the. First place are the institutional sites coupled to. Mobile devices which is mentioned by 76.2 percent. Of the firms likewise having the site in optimal. Conditions also boosts commerce through. Vp engineering email lists this channel.

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