Having a space in the digital environment has become an urgent requirement. To attract real business opportunities. Learn the key factors that will help you strengthen your brand’s digital presence!

In the era of digital transformation, neglecting your presence on. The internet not only makes you invisible to potential clients. It also costs you opportunities to generate authority, interact. With your audience and create lasting relationships of value!

Therefore, being on the internet and having a presence. In digital media is essential to gain credibility and stand out from. The competition. You already know that, both in .Digital marketing and in life, the first impression is what counts.

The question is, how do you create a digital presence that not only reflects. The essence of your brand, but also becomes a lead-generating. Machine? For that, in this article we will explain 8 aspects that. Will help you consolidate your place on the internet.

What is digital presence?

Specifically, the definition of digital presence refers to the space that your brand has on the internet. This space includes all the channels your company is on and all the content it has created and shared.

To give you an idea, the CFO Email List digital presence of your company can be made up of:

Website ;
Product or service pages;
Ecommerce ;
Corporate blog;
Accounts in social networks;
Downloadable publications, content and materials;
Organic results from the serps that are displayed after a search;
Search engine ads and social media;
Among others.
As you can see, you have a wide range of possibilities available with which you. Can start building and enhancing your digital presence.

Why is it important to take care of the digital presence of your brand?

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Starting from the fact that almost 90% of internet users search. For information about the product or service they want to purchase. According to the global digital report 2019. You can see that it is crucial to work on your digital visibility , don’t you think?

Without going too far, join us in doing the following exercise. Think for a moment that you are a user interested in hiring a tour. Package for your next vacation. What would you do?

You would probably take your phone out of your pocket, do a google. Search and without delay, start reviewing your options. A bunch of agencies appear to compete for your attention.

Of course, the first results are more likely to close a sale, since users do. Not have time (or interest) to go beyond the first page of results and, on the other hand. Google rewards those who better respond to search intent.

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