Not sure how to describe your key customers We can find these answers by doing a shop survey. and making online forms To help create a clearer picture of their age gender occupation average income hobbies and preferences. This information will help you determine which TV and radio stations they watch. newspapers and magazines they read What social platforms do they use All of this is information that helps determine which channels you should market to. What kind of message is communicate And how much budget do you spend on marketing STEP MAKE YOUR WEBSITE BEAUTIFUL Up to % of customers search for information online. before walking into the store.

Of Each Channel To Help You Decide Which

This means that your website is the first step in making an impression on your marketing strategy. As a furniture seller you are in the business of beauty products. Therefore your website must show its identity. product style and professionalism which we have a simple checklist Let s see how we should adjust the website. beauty Make your products Thailand Phone Number look their best with high quality images. Photos showing furniture in many places angle to inspire your website visitors too. Showcase of workpieces rooms or decoration themes Including making your website a place where customers come for home decorating ideas. or interesting knowlege about the house Even if they don t want to buy it yet.

Thailand Phone Number

Channels Your Business Should Invest In

Make your website easy to use. Once you have customer interest information you must keep it. and make sure your website is easily accessible to customers. Whether they want to browse for design inspiration. Appreciate a specific product Buy Email List order online or get directions to the store page This includes making sure your website load time is fast. And make sure your web design is easy to use in any form. including traditional web browsers tablets and smartphones. Always update content when people decorate their homes They are looking for new ideas. You don t want your website to look outdate. Even if your brand is a vintage classic.

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