One tweet at a time. I started simple. Here is my first tweet on the th of december. . Jeffs first tweet I then discovered that if I sent out a tweet with a link to my small twitter gang that it would bring a couple of website hits. Growing traffic sometimes means that you need to just grind it out. The next insight Macedonia Phone Number  was the law of reciprocation. Following ten people meant that a few would follow me back. So….More followers meant more traffic. This applied to almost any social network. The other observation that I stumbled upon was that more tweets meant more traffic. 

Game on so it was game on. The equation was simple at first. More followers and more frequent tweeting meant more traffic. The race to . followers was the next goal. It was also the start Macedonia Phone Number  of my first marketing automation tactic. I discovered a tool that allowed me to send recurring tweets. So I loaded the machine with evergreen content and sent it out to my growing tribe while I was sleeping . Socialoomph recurring tweets the social media purists were enraged that automation was now being used for marketing on the social web. I had many tweets sent to me denouncing me for this tactic. 

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Despite the outcry I continued to use this simple automation. Over the next few years the focus was on growing my social media distribution as fast as possible. But in  facebook changed the game. They reduced the networks organic reach. To reach your audience on mark zuckerberg’s  network that you had Macedonia phone number grown organically you now had to pay. It was also the start of the decline of organic traffic from other social networks. It doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t bring free organic traffic anymore but the big gains are now harder to get. But this shift now meant that the focus had to change to some other key digital marketing tactics. Optimizing for search engines and building an email list. 

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Auto-pilot: fact or fiction despite the dream of build. Launch. Set and forget. The reality is much different. There are a few things playing: the pace of change of the digital landscape Macedonia Phone Number  is constantly changing people’s resistance to marketing messages continues to build. And banner blindness and receptivity to marketing messages. Videos and images bombardment is rising. Conversion rates continue to fall as old tactics lose their power. 

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Optimisation is a journey of constant measuring. Testing and tweaking. So it doesn’t mean a hands off auto-pilot and…..Automated marketing isn’t set and forget. But it does mean invoking hal and getting the robots to do the boring stuff. Also it is not just one machine but multiple engines Macedonia Phone Number  that are interlocked and need some planning. Building and managing. The cogs in the machine the first cog is your website. It starts with you designing and building your website for the social web and surround it with tools and technology that search engines and social networks love. The second cog is content. The next piece of the puzzle is the content. Creating and publishing it is just the start. Marketing it to the world is the next step.

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