WordPress and WooCommerce make it easy to launch a flexible and user-friendly eCommerce store. But if you want to bring shoppers to your store, you need to fine-tune your WooCommerce SEO so they can find you in Google. This is what we are going to help you do in this article. We’ll walk you through all the important parts of WooCommerce SEO. Next, we will share quality SEO plugins that work well with WooCommerce stores. We will also share a few ways Elementor WooCommerce Builder can help you indirectly improve your store’s SEO by giving you more flexibility to add content to your store templates. Is WooCommerce SEO optimized? Before we get into these other things, let’s start at the beginning with a basic question: is WooCommerce SEO friendly? The short answer is yes”. Just like WordPress itself, WooCommerce is

Implement Basic WordPress Seo Settings

SEO optimized…but you will need the help of an SEO plugin to unlock this feature. With the right plugin, you will be able to perform all the search engine optimizations you need to rank your store in Google. You can add SEO titles/descriptions to your unique product and category pages, include breadcrumbs, add structured data, and more. Later, we will share some of the plugins that you can use to add SEO functionality to WooCommerce. But first, let’s review the tactics. How to optimize Woo Belgium Phone Number Commerce for SEO In this first section, we will dive deeper into the different parts of e-commerce SEO for WooCommerce stores. For the sample screenshots below, we’ll be using the Yoast SEO plugin as it’s the most popular SEO plugin that works with WooCommerce. However, you can apply the exact same strategies using one of the other plugins we’ll share later – the interface will just be a bit different. 1. Do Keyword Research Before you can optimize your store, you need to

Optimize Your Product Descriptions

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know what you are optimizing for. With SEO, that means keyword research. For example, let’s say you’re selling a laptop case. You want to know if more people are searching for “laptop case” or “laptop case” so you can optimize for the most valuable phrase. By choosing the best phrase to rank for, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best return on investment for all of that other advice. Some great premium keyword research tools are: KWFinder (free trial) Ahrefs ($7 trial) SEMrush (free trial) You may also find free tools useful, although they are not as flexible and may have limitations.

If you’re overusing personal pronouns, try mixing them up with the actual people you’re referring to. Instead of we, say Julie and I, or WordPress users. Instead of this, use the actual word you’re referring to. In addition, mix up your transition words: don’t just use but, use however and though as alternatives, for example.

If you’re willing to pay, you can also see Google search volume for those queries.

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