We want get the top tasks clear first, then Henan Mobile Phone Number optimize. The relevant parts of the site, then run the usability test. The usability test must show to what extent the optimization has been successful and. Which improvements Henan Mobile Phone Number are still possible. We hope there would be a list of the top tasks of council sites. You may assume that visitors to municipal sites are largely looking for similar information Henan Mobile Phone Number or want to do similar things, ie perform similar tasks. You would expect that research has been done on this and that many municipalities have optimize.

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Their websites on this. Judging by Henan Mobile Phone Number the responses to the article 5 reasons why government websites are not task-orient, this seems to be the case to a very limit extent. That is why we conduct our own Henan Mobile Phone Number research into the top tasks this spring (2012). We would like to share this here, in the hope that other municipalities can also benefit from this. By far the most search and Henan Mobile Phone Number view: information about the Pont over the IJ. It turne out that this was almost impossible to find via the internal search engine (see end of article). Municipal Products and Services and Other Information First.

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Something about the types of information Henan Mobile Phone Number on a municipal website. It can be roughly divide into: Municipal products and services , such as applying for a passport and reporting a nuisance on the street. This is partly ordinary information (what do I need to bring to apply for a passport, where do I have to go Henan Mobile Phone Number and how can I make an appointment), and partly it concerns electronic services, such as making an appointment digitally or making a report. . The information is the Henan Mobile Phone Number same in (almost) all municipalities, but some municipalities have progress further with electronic services than others.

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