The different types of visual content that can go viral . Infographics the epitome of visual content is the infographic. And it should therefore be a great place to begin our list. The infographic crystalizes a lot of information into one easily viewable visual that is less intimidating and easier to understand for USA Phone Number any viewer or reader. In fact. In the social media realm. Infographics are liked. And shar  times more than other any other type of content. Additionally.  of content marketers are predict to use infographics in  as compared to last year. Probably one of the main reasons for this is that using infographics in content. Market is known to increase profits by as much as . 

These are all valid reasons for why infographics are essential. But here are an additional  reasons for why infographics are important. Infographics are best us when you have a lot USA Phone Number of statistical data that you want your audience to visualize. Or if you want to breakdown lot of ‘hard-to-understand’ content into a more understandable and easily viewable format. . Eye-catching images and photos photos and images are important for several reasons. For brands. They allow audiences to put a face on a brand and therefore make your brand more relatable. 

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Additionally. Using photos to show ‘behind the scenes’ of a brand can help audiences better understand and become more curious about a brand. Photos can also be very helpful in showing off your products and services. In this case. The use of photos is especially useful if you want to show your USA phone number products in action. This is probably one of the biggest contributing factors as to why  of the general public say that images influence their buy-in and purchasing decisions. When using photos and imagery. Be sure to reflect your brands unique selling point. 

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Additionally. Be sure to capture the brands values through color imagery. Composition and so on. If you use relevant images. It has been found that you will be able to drive  more views than if you don’t have any images in your content. Plus.  of the information in images is more likely to be retain after  days. . USA Phone Number Videos mixing up your visual content is quite important. In as much as images and photos are quite often the main drivers for visual content. Video should also be used whenever possible to give a voice and sound to your content. 

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This youtube video has some useful information on “how video content marketing can grow your business”: here are some important statistics to keep in mind when considering the use of video:  of shoppers are more motivated to purchase a product after watching a video about it if you use the word ‘video’ in USA Phone Number an email. The likelihood that the email will be opened will increase by . Additionally. The click through rate of the email increases by  and the rate of unsubscribing to your email list will reduce by  in a survey of ‘video marketing statistics & trends’ it was predicted that  of all internet traffic will be video by 

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