The optimize result pages target South Africa Phone Number within the Adwords campaign. Through a combination of the right keywords, ad and destination URL. Ensure a good Quality Score that often results in a significantly lower cost per click. In the case of the example above (“jeans” from “brand x” in the color “blue”) this South Africa Phone Number would amount to advertising for the keyword “blue pants brand x” or “blue brand x pants” with an ad leading to the destination URL where the blue pants of brand x can South Africa Phone Number be found. This will undoubtedly ensure a high quality score that allows you to attract more potential customers to your site quite easily, with the same budget.

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Two birds with one stone! Keep South Africa Phone Number an eye on! While URL optimization and making filter result pages indexable presents a huge SEO opportunity, it also carries some risks. Especially in view of the regular Google updates, there are things that must be taken into account. The most important advice is to South Africa Phone Number take a step-by-step approach to indexing to avoid unwante combinations. Try to work in batches as much as possible to make a limit number of pages indexable at a time. If  South Africa Phone Number you make a large number of pages indexable for Google at once.

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Without pre-optimizing them and South Africa Phone Number providing them with sufficient quality content, Google can see these pages as ‘low quality content’ and penalize them on the basis of this, which is disadvantageous. effect on the entire site. So something that should be avoid. Furthermore, there is the possibility to exclude South Africa Phone Number non-optimize filtering options in Webmaster Central or in the South Africa Phone Number. You often see that in the non-optimize URLs of filter result pages there is a ‘standard’ character in the URL in the form of a ‘?’ or ‘%’. An example of such a character.

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