During his second day of appearance mark zuckerberg. Admitted that he became one of the victims of this leak by. Confirming that his personal data from the social. Network was included in the information. Sold to malicious third parties during the last two days. Mark zuckerberg ceo of facebook has appeared before. The united states congress to clarify doubts. And questions about the responsibility that his company. Has on issues related to privacy security and the real influence. That the platform has on the users. The appearance is a consequence. Czechia B2B List Of the scandal related to the theft and sale of data. In which the practices of cambridge analytica compromised. such as,The information of more thans around the world.

During his second day of appearance the founder of

During his second day of appearance the founder of. Facebook admitted that he became one of the of this. Leak by confirming that his personal data from. Czechia B2B List The social network was included. In the information sold to malicious third parties. This was part of the response delivered to representative. Anna eshoo a democrat from california an argument. In which it was detailed. That the leak of the data of the 87 million people. Was possible when 270 thousand users took the personality. Test signed by cambridge analytica which had the. Czechia B2B List Ability to access the data of the contacts. Of said subscribers during his second day of appearance. with this in mind,Mark zuckerberg admitted that he became. to point out,One of the victims of this leak by confirming.

Given this zuckerberg pointed out that it is inevitable

Czechia B2B List

Given this zuckerberg pointed out that it is inevitable. That a regulation be developed both for his company. And for all the companies that are developed. In said industry however he cautioned. That lawmakers must be careful what they propose. To ensure implementation according to the leader of facebook. Large companies like the one he directs have. Enough resources to comply with regulations. Compared to emerging companies. The tech leader’s confession and stance is especially. Interesting after democrat dick durbin of illinois. Czechia B2B List Asked zuckerberg Would you feel comfortable sharing. surprisingly,With us the name of the hotel where you stayed last night.

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