If you want to make changes to your WordPress site’s theme, you’ve probably seen people telling you to use a WordPress child theme. But what is a child theme and why are child themes so important? In this article, we’ll give you the answers to these questions along with an introduction to child themes and their benefits. Next, we’ll show you step-by-step how to create and customize your own child theme using plugins or code. Let’s dig. What is a WordPress Child Theme? A WordPress child theme is not a standalone theme. It is a “child” of an existing parent theme, hence the name. You’ll install it alongside your parent theme, but it will give you the ability to safely make changes to your parent theme without having to modify the parent theme itself. The child theme will take most/all of its design settings from the parent theme. However, in situations where you make a change to the child theme, that change will override the settings of the parent theme.

When You Don’t Need to Use a Child Theme

Advantages of a child theme At this point, you might be wondering why you can’t just make your changes directly to the parent theme? The main reason why this is not a good idea is updating themes . If you want your WordPress site to stay secure and work well, you should promptly apply updates as they come out, including updates to your theme. If you customize your site by modifying your theme directly (without a child theme), this means that you will overwrite all your modifications with France Phone Number each update of the theme. This means that you: Update your theme and lose your work. Not a very fun experience, right? Don’t update your theme so you don’t lose your work… which is not good for the security and operation of your site. With a WordPress child theme, you can make all your changes in the child theme. Then you can update the parent theme without losing any of your work. Beyond helping you update safely, using a child theme is also generally handy for making customizations.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Custom Fields

Because it separates all your changes in one place, it’s easy to track all your changes and adjust them as needed. It also makes it easy to reverse. For example, if you want to stop using your modifications and go back to the “vanilla” parent theme, just deactivate your child theme. Some out-of-the-box WordPress themes even use this parent/child approach by default.

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